Christian Curriculum & Early Learning Programs

Our age-appropriate curriculum at In His Hands is designed to help develop the whole child. Contact us to hear about the fun and challenging activities children experience daily at our Christian early childhood center:

Our Early Childhood Education Programs


       Our infant program is well equipped to welcome our newest little people into our world. Our staff of caregivers is loving and understands the first months of life. Infants love interaction with their adult caregivers and that's what our infant program is all about—attention and love in a safe environment that is varied to provide quiet time and time of stimulus.


     Our waddler/toddler program is committed to the idea that children need warmth and attention, enthusiasm and encouragement, and the challenge of doing it themselves. At the heart of every activity there is a loving teacher and age-appropriate, theme-based curriculum to lead the way.

     Our preschool program is theme-based and enables children to broaden their knowledge of the world in an organized, well-planned way. Our formal readiness training includes an introduction to the alphabet and the sounds of letters, pre-math skills, and shape and color recognition.

In addition to formal readiness, daily activities are offered to aid learning the concepts introduced by the weekly theme. Learning is split between teacher-directed and self-directed activities because preschoolers love the challenge of doing things for themselves.

      Our Pre-K program allows children the opportunity to prepare for kindergarten by offering an expanded version of the preschool curriculum to meet their learning needs as well as the introduction of pre-reading and math activities.


     Before-and-after care gives school-age children a safe place to come when your schedule collides with bus and school times. Our school-agers are able to socialize with their friends, start homework, play, and participate in planned activities.


      We offer summer camp for children ages 5 through 12. We integrate a summer themed curriculum into the camp, along with offsite fieldtrips. Our main theme for summer camp is "FUN! FUN! FUN!"

Give your child a place to learn and grow, while having fun at our 
Christian Early Learing Center.